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An International Churches Directory

A Churches Directory is a free directory of International Christian Church websites.

Helping People Find Church, Find Community, Find God.

A Churches Directory Vision

Get All Christian Churches Findable Online!

For anything to be effective it needs to know where it is heading, what it hopes to achieve and why. This page hopes to answer those 3 questions. Without this focus we may as well be doing other things with our spare time


The A Churches Directory want to see all churches working together and visible in the global community of the Internet. We will be working on making this easier and cheaper for all churches to have at least the basic information about them online so that those in their area have even less excuse for not being apart of the local church family where the truth of Jesus Christ can be heard.


The A Churches Directory are hoping that those who as yet don't have a personal living relationship with Jesus Christ might do so by seeing a church in their area listed on this Directory and then getting along to hear the truth as it will be proclaimed. It is also for those who are needing assistance in their walk and can therefore find some suitable resources via links or the content of the various churches that is being publically published.


The whole reason that the A Churches Directory was established and we continue to run this ministry is that we believe it is following the teachings of Jesus Christ. He requested for us to go into all the world to preach the gospel. A fast way into many unreached places in the world is through the Internet. For us to be obedient we need to reach out to those around and make Jesus Christ visible and show that he is as relevant today as he was when he lived and walked on earth 2000 years ago.

If you don't yet know Jesus Christ and want to know more then visit

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