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An International Churches Directory

A Churches Directory is a free directory of International Christian Church websites.

Helping People Find Church, Find Community, Find God.

About the Church Website Directory

What is the Church Website Directory all about?

Most people will understand and know how hard it is to find the right church for them. When it comes to finding a church on the Internet, things seem to get even harder.

The A Churches Directory has been established to assist all churches get a good presence on the Web. We strive to provide a service that will work in with all church budgets.

This A Churches Directory was founded late in the year 2000 when the owner was looking for a good and yet less expensive place to have their church website hosted. The options available at that time were quite disappointing so it was decided to fix the dilemma and start hosting church sites.

This hosting would happen in such a way that the overall cost to the church would be considerably lower and also would provide them with a much better and wider exposure.

It was noted too that the most appropriate facilities like multiple email accounts and a fixed short domain name, were critical for long term use. Churches in the A Churches Directory would be staying for a long time so the service would need to be good right from the start.

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About the Team

There is a team of committed Christians who have established this A Churches Directory. All of us attend various local Churches in the areas where we live. We have been involved in the lives of our Churches and missions for many years and have a passion to see people everywhere come to a personal conviction and then true faith in Jesus Christ.

We are not investing our time and resources into this site to "make it or us financially rich" but to assist your local church in having a better web presence and therefore reach people in your local area. If you do have any questions about who we are or the directory, then please get in touch.

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